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OUNONA Magnetic Knife Holder 16 inch Magnetic Knife Strips Stainless Steel with 6 Removable Hooks

US $15.99Original price:$29.99

The magnet is pretty strong so you wouldn't worry about its capability to hold your knives. The bar is Stainless Steel, so it's going to stay beautiful looking and last a very long time. Having a Magnetic bar saves spaces and gives you easy safe access to knives and other kitchen tools!

The Knife Holder doesn't require you to hire someone to install it because the Knife Holder can easily be secured by simply using the right screwdriver.
Not only is the magnetic knife strip sturdy it is also attractive. Looks great in the kitchen. It looks shiny and stylish while at the same time being durable, and rust resistant. It is so easy to keep clean.

The hooks are an added bonus, and depending on where you hang it can hold anything from spoons and ladles to measuring cups and recipes. You could measure out the space you expect to need between the hooks before putting them on.

The square side of the hook is the one that attaches to the knife holder.To get them on easiest, tilting them back a bit to get them on then use pressure to slide them down, they are a snug fit which is great because they wont slide around when your hanging your utensils.

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